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LFS PitSpotter 1.1

The LFS Pit Spotter provides audio information about the cars around you
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The ability to create user-made utilities and applications gave Live For Speed a huge boost. The development team of LFS is not that big, therefore there were some minor details and options that were not available for games. Luckily it wasn't very hard to create user-made applications, and that is what Kegetys made. They have created different mods for LFS. One of these mods is the Live For Speed Pit Spotter. In real racing, usually there is a pit spotter per car, this spotter communicates with the driver via radio and lets him know some important information during the race. In many cases, this can be the position of other cars towards the racer's car. This information is very useful especially in oval racing. The LFS PitSpotter includes just 16 voice notifications, however they are very useful. You can configure how far or close the car has to be for the spotter to let you know about another vehicle. The mod is very simple, and the download doesn't take up more than half a megabyte. It is a useful mod specially for all the oval racers out there.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Nice utility to help you spot cars on blind spots


  • Information range is a little limited
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